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you won't regret it no no

If I didn't take naps like this everything would be 25% different. For someone that does not grasp percentages, theories or things I find myself applying them often to my life.

  He looks at me at the farmer's market & I say "but the asparagus would only be half useful, let us get a smaller bundle."

A math teacher that is also a football coach who does not live here but somewhere else may or may not be happy about this. He actually would not be.
He'd say 'Stop acting like that's all you got, Scrima."
And I'd tilt my head to the left, like dogs do.

What do you mean, mister? I'll do anything for a treat. Does this instruction or order come with a crunchy snack?

I sleep it off. They are almost like New York City naps. When I was a waitress and the heat came, and I was twenty-one or twenty-two years old. And life was brand new again for the very first time.

It is kind of like that now, maybe that is why I need to nap in the middle of the day. Because they start so early, or I am not feeling well, or I do not trust the pacers from the halfway house next door. Around in circles always asking if they can buy a cigarette for a dollar. They always have a cigarette, so I don't see why they need one. They always look like they are freezing, which I guess means they are. it is a reminder to not do whatever drug they did. And then I think that I probably already have, unless it's meth. I reassure myself with this while I drink kombucha and have no cigarettes to sell for a dollar and need a nap, crankier than a four year old. Up and down the block
You got a smoke?

I don't think I will be good on going on dates because I had thought I was awful at making small talk, but apparently I am terrific at this. It's because I've forgotten whole years of my life.


Hysteria is not possible without an audience, that's why I need you baby. I've always needed you.

I have kept this blog since my first day of high school. It has been an outlet, a blessing, a curse. I talk extensively about anything, music, dudes, internet addiction &how text messaging ruined my life. Some entries are "friends only" but most everything else is public.


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